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Full audio recordings of fucked up movies.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Strange Behavior

Good slasher flick (thanks for the recommendation) with some funny samples throughout it. Before you download it, be sure you have OGG support, because that's what this is... I might go on about things in a bit but right now I'm working on getting a list of things uploaded & finished for a nice collection of posts. OGG is my favorite codec, and its great at the 120kbps range.

This is not 1 long track. Each chapter of the DVD has become a song, and titled the same. I will not be posting any more 1 track albums.

Strange Behavior
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Howdy There...

Here you can get some original soundtracks from movies I decide to check out. These soundtracks will offer more than other soundtracks, more dialog, more music, more scum, humor, sleeze, and tunes. Know of a movie that matches the type of films I provide sounds from, leave its title in the comments and let me know if its at netflix.

First off, before you download anything read this. All albums are usually 1 or 2 audio files. One containing the entire movie, and anything else is either commercials, director comments, or some other audio included in the movie. Very rarely will I clip up the movie into separate tracks.

Why do I post these "soundtracks" as 1 track? Because I know that plenty of you want everything. Every comment. Every audio break no matter how short or long. Listen to it as is... Look at it as a radio show.

Do not repost these albums. If people want them clipped I will do so within a few days of request. But with clipping comes lost content.

Please leave comments. This blog is new and they may be vital to its development.... The Password for every post will be "davisrips.blogspot".

Microwave Massacre

For a first post, I'm not going to ramble a bunch of bullshit to warm you up to me. The truth is I like garbage media...ALOT of it...

The DVD says "The worst horror movie ever", but I assume there is worse in both bad acting, writing, direction, and gore. A real cute flick will warm the hearts of your family from the bouncing breasts in the introduction minutes, to the bickering old couple.

Freaky sex neighbors who like to get ready by the window and trade glanced before sex, and some cool cats at work gawking at chunkers hoagies...

Microwave Massacre is a great movie with some memorable clips. Plenty of trash to sample.

WMA9 @ 160kbps
Running Time 1:16
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
pw = davisrips.blogspot